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This is our 501C3 non profit division of RISE.  Any donations made through this portal is tax deductible.  The foundation will cover education, training and development and community outreach for RISE.

Donate Foundation

The RISE Foundation houses an All Black Library.  It's a one of a kind library for Virginia.  We have purchased and shelved over 800 books in the library since opening on August 15th with 200 books.  There are a few used books from Sharon and Chanda's personal collections, but for the most part, they are all new books.  

This library will highlight the stories, history, family, encouragement, faith, love, relationships of Black people told by Black people,  It's truly an experience to visit the library for yourself.

At this time, we are open by appointment only due to Covid-19.  You may call 540.221.6964 and leave a message if you would like to tour the library and/or RISE facility. Everyone must wear a mask and have their temperature taking before entering the RISE Foundation Library.

If you click  the donate button above, there is an option to give to the book drive.  That money goes directly to purchasing new books for the library.  There are books for all ages including adult books.

After School Program

Oral Book Reports

Prince Wesley Moore, Jr 

7th Grade

1st Oral Book Report

First time Wes did an oral book report. He was nervous and not sure of himself. 

Prince Wesley Moore, Jr, 

7th Grade

3rd Oral Book Report

Wes accepted all his coaching from our Academic Coaches. He practiced at home and is getting better and better!!!

Princess Mila Wilmott, Kindergarten

First Book Report